Halal Already 😌

We are married! Alhamdulillah! 

I promise I’ll update about my wedding when I have the time ok. 😁


Counting down

Salam everyone! 💃🏿

We’re left a few more days to our big day! Insya’Allah.. Insya’Allah..

Getting all nervous and excited at the same time. Haha and most of the things are settled more or less, insya’Allah. Last night I managed to pack some of my clothes for our honeymoon. Macam dah lama gitu tak gi holiday and gonna share the same bed with husband for the first time pula tu 🙈 hahaha.

Oh I havent been able to sleep well these past days and I just hope I won’t be looking like a panda on my wedding day. This week i have to make sure i get plenty of rest. Die2 also must fall asleep as early as possible. 😅

Oh last week we had our final fitting with Peti Solek. Didnt take any sneak peeks photos to upload here. When we got to their new office/studio, I was worried that I couldnt fit into my dresses but alhamdulillah akak dah kurus, you alls. 😂 and the best thing was, our mak andam told us if its okay for us to change my last outfit to their latest collection because the one I chose was already outdated. Haha you know after we went for our first fitting, think about 4 months before our wedding, I told H I that regretted alot choosing that last outfit and was whining and wanting to change but H was worried we gonna burst our budget for the outfits so we sticked to it but alhamdulillah Allah answered my dua cos dalam hati merengek nak tukar tak dapat kan and now I finally get to wear the new dress for my last outfit! 😹

Tasting tasting 1 2 3

On Monday right after work, H and I headed down to Spatula Bakery to have our cake/cupcake tasting!

I had no idea that we actually do have cake tasting to try! :p When I made my order from them, I had specifically just told them the flavours that I want and I thought that would be it. Heh. So that’s one off the list and finalization of booking was informed by the vendor herself.

Now, do I have to start panicking that my other vendors have not called or emailed me to let me know that my wedding is nearing and they’ll need some info and items to be delivered to them? :\ I have sent them email but none has replied me. This is so not a good feeling.. Alahai, stressnya… 😩

Photobooth Props

Harro! Just a quick share on my customised props which I ordered from Summerlove & some (the smaller ones you can definitely differentiate) were bought from Adam Hawa. Finally I’ve received my props although it was late by few days. I totally understand that the owner probably must be busy handling so many orders and since it’s ramadhan, i shall practice patience 😝

Nevertheless, I’m super duper happy that the props I got are bigger and definitely can be seen clearly in photos. I have 20 pics here so I’m just gonna upload it all here in case you  might want some ideas to diy your own props. 😁 or if you’re just plain lazy, go check out the link under my ‘bride’s vendors’ tab and click on “summerlove ….” to order.

Blessed Ramadhan

13310343_1376719082344686_2688096228228202637_nWishing all readers Ramadhan Mubarak.

I know.. I know.. I’m 3 days late. :p

May this Ramadhan be the changes to our hearts to remain steadfast on our Deen. May Allah bestow upon us His Guidance and Mercy and make us amongst His Household. Let’s strive for the betterment! 🙏

For the first time in my entire 25 years of living, I went for my first tarawih. It was also my first time setting foot at Masjid Assyafaah! Alhamdulillah & Masya’Allah! Thank you Allah for giving me the opportunity. *Okay, I’m gonna go one corner and weep silently in my heart* ;p

And… it’ll be my last Ramadhan as a single girl 👩, insya’Allah. 😛

I hope and pray you girls are enjoying our month of Ramadhan, the month full of barakah! 💕


Salam ladies!

Part two post on my berkat nikah! Initially I didn’t plan on buying the pouches for our tasbih/mini praying beads as it already came with its box.

Mom being mom, found it to be too simple so we went to Kedai Cowboy in JB yesterday and mom found these beautiful small bottles with its cork lids.

I added a lil drop of minyak atar to make ’em smell nice. :p



Salam ladies! I hope you girls are having a great Thursday!
I am veritably swimming in a paralyzing and total shaggedness. Now that the month of June is here, I can’t believe I am getting married next month! I’d always thought that I will have the time to prepare all the stuff for my wedding but with just a month’s plus left, I’m stressed out over which task to clear first.

But… the most important thing I gotta ask you ladies here and I reallyyyy hope you girls can share with me on how you prepare yourself to be a wife. Like, you girls got tips or not? Heh :p

Y’know, there are days I feel like I’m not fit to be married yet. I can’t cook a single dish and I don’t know how the washing machine works! I feel super embarrassed that I’ve not prepared anything good for myself. Sometimes I wonder how H can really accept me. Really..

Tbh, islamically, I’m trying to be a better muslimah by keeping up with my daily prayers. I’m not embarrassed to share that I used not to pray daily but Alhamdulillah, with H’s constant support & my parents, I’m able to do it religiously. Sometimes, I really forced myself to wake up for Subuh and each time I passed, I call myself the Subuh Warrior. And that lil motivation/effort makes me feel really happy and I’d cry out of joy each time I completed my solah. I’ve also taken up some Islamic lectures and attend bi-weekly Quran reading. All praises to Allah for allowing me to be a better muslimah at least, before I’m married. It makes me feel like I’ve done my parents proud. Insya’Allah this continues even after I’m married and I’m pretty sure, by having H in my life as my husband, he’ll never let me go far from Allah and may he be a better Khalifah to our family. Insya’Allah!

So girls, if you have any tips on how to prepare untuk jadi wife, doesn’t matter lah what it is, share with us on the comments section ok? Insya’Allah we can all benefit from your good points. Hehe! ❤



Pre-Wedding 📷-graphy

Harro ladies! Ni hao ma?

So my Saturday was spent on photo shoots and guess what! Our Miss Photographer was my lil 14-yr old sister! 👧🏻 HAHA! *don’t worry, we paid her duit penat* 

I sidetrack a bit eh, we’ve finally bought H’s PS4, some toiletries from The Body Shop and collected his Baju Kurung Melayu on Sunday. Now we are just left to collect his wedding ring which will be before Hari Raya and buy some chocolates and biscuits. You know the feeling when you get to strike things to-do off the list and imagining the sound of the velcro stripping off *ke-trekkkk* ahh shiok, like mission accomplished gituwww. Hahaha. :p

Ok back to story where I left off, y’know it took me awhile to persuade H to do the prewed shoots. H being a very conservative person and a strong headed kepala bull too, I must applaud myself for being able to make him accede to my request but of course that came with a condition. ☝🏿️ H didnt want us to do any hugging, forehead to forehead, holding hands and basically just no physical body touching.

Also, as we don’t really see the need to engage a professional photographer and don’t want to spend few hundred quids, we decided to ask my lil meimei to rent a good camera for her to take our pics and we rented a car to do our little explorations.

Our plan was to start off taking the first few photos in our old school but because we didnt know we had to ask for approval from the school, we forego the idea and headed straight to Seletar. There’re few old colonial bungalows  which are pretty easy to access if you’re going there by driving. You may also try Sembawang Park but most of the houses are occupied by the US Navy families (I think?) so it may be hard to find the vacant ones there.

We also took some photos at Coney Island and Kampung Lorong Buangkok (ah this one, we changed to baju zaman kampung like in the ’40s). Alhamdulillah the weather permitted us to carry out the photo-takings and no itchy scratchy bitchy insects biting and sucking. 😁

These are just some of the shots.

“Mak! Abang H sudah pulang dari perang, mak!”